Blocks Project pt II

It’s been a while, I’ll admit, and I’m still working on the blocks. Luckily, the boy has plenty of toys. But as of now, the blocks have been cut. I have been slowly working on a cabinet/cutting station for the mitre saw, and that’s taken a bit of time.
For the blocks, I took a number of 1X2s and cut them square and rectangular, about 8 of each. I also cut a number in triangles. And I remembered a big dowel behind a door, so I cut some of those, maybe 3″ and 6″ long. I got out the oscillating sander, and I worked down the faces and edges of the blocks, so no splinters. Next step is to paint them. Then, I am thinking of building a nice little carrying case out of maple for them. Shouldn’t be too hard. It’s amazing how hard it is nowadays to maintain any task. I have a wonderful wife who gives me plenty of time on the weekend for chores and projects, but it’s hard to sustain an effort! I’ll work for a while, then come in and help out with the boy and give her a break. And since it’s even harder to get chores done during the week (though daylight saving helps), the chores pile up and up for Saturday and Sunday. I get to feeling like each day is a succession of steps forward with little option for spontaneity or diverting from the prescribed path. Get up, change the diaper, feed the boy, play, eat a little breakfast, play, try for a nap, go for a walk, lunch, play, nap (and maybe get a task begun), take the boy out, prepare his dinner, bath, put him down for the night, eat dinner, hang out and relax, go to bed, repeat…
It’s a grind, I tell you, though mostly a happy one…


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