Hot Wheels have gone high-tech. When should we digitize playtime, and when should we just let it be? –

What was your favorite game as a kid? Trouble? Sorry?

Stratego? According to a New York Times blog, high tech versions of the board games of our youth are coming, and they’re flashes in the pan. Which I think they should be.
I grew up in a family that played games. In my young years (maybe 8-13), we played a lot of canasta. Then, we started playing hearts. But we also played board games. Risk, Clue, Life, Monopoly. Trouble and Sorry and Stratego, of course. Topple. All sorts of games. It was a good way to have fun, pass the time, share activities with the family, and start me thinking about cause and effect, memorizing things, creating strategies, and lots of other high level thinking. And I still like playing games. Friends and I get together a couple of times a month to play games. And when the family gets together, there’s almost always a game to be played.
My sister and her family (two kids, currently 8 and 5 6) have a great game called Ahoy Treasures that all of us can play and enjoy. And that’s the key, that we all enjoy. It’s no Candy Land. It’s simple enough for the kids to understand, but there’s enough strategy and complexity to engage an adult.
So, I think about games to play with the boy, and I know it’s still a ways away, but it’s fun to imagine him at that point. At this point, he finds shaking his head a lot of fun. And it is fun, but mostly for him. So we will have reviews of games that are good for kids of various ages soon; it will just depend on the pace of our kids’ development.


One comment

  1. Paul Hanrahan

    Stratego & Monoploly, chess, and card games like Canasta & hearts

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