Transitioning to the Weirdest Food Ever

Now that the boy is about 11 months old, the wife and I have started discussing transitioning his formula to milk. And I always have to wonder what the hell the first human who drank cows’ milk was thinking. I mean, who thought it was a good idea to go get some liquid out of a different animal and to drink it? Why cows and not dogs or pigs or horses? Since I know nothing about it, I went to various websites to see what conventional internet wisdom has out there. At the awesomely titled (yeah, that’s sarcasm), it seemed like they recommend giving the baby milk once he turns 1. It’s almost like there’s a switch in the intestines, apparently, and it just flicks on at 1 and is ready to digest cows’ milk. “Give me some milk!” Other sites also supported this instant transition, if you can call it that. The sites that did explain gradually introducing milk to the diet discussed it in terms of a picky eater and how we could get him to start drinking milk. They wrote about creating a whole happy ritual around a special cup; not about what’s in the cup, but just about how awesome the cup is and that this should encourage the child to try the contents. Ok, but our boy likes milk and goes after it. Does this mean we should transition or just go cold turkey? In the end, we decided to hold off on the milk as a replacement for the formula until he’s a year, but to continue to give him some at times to whet his appetite for it.
A friend from up the street also added angsty fuel to the parental fire with talk of the “organic” nature of milk. Apparently, some brands are not as organic as the organic label would make a picky parent think. I am thinking that we will soon be buying our milk for the boy at the local farmers’ market. While that might be more expensive and possibly only slightly better in terms of health, it’ll certainly be better for us in terms of locally grown, locally produced, and probably healthier, too. All of those add up to a benefit for the family, in my book. Plus, it’s more fun to go to the hippy farmers’ market than the crappy Gigante!


What do you say?

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