How To Care For A Bleeding Child

This article has some of the same aspects of parenting we here at the Manifesto are trying to combat. Men can soothe children. Children can accept their fathers as sources of comfort. The most probable reason the author of the Deadspin article finds his child recoiling from him is that he hasn’t spent enough time with the kids. I am very lucky with the Boy. Because I teach, I get out of work consistently early in the afternoon (when I am not coaching). So I pick him up and have 1 to 2 uninterrupted hours with him each weekday. It’ll only get better during the summer vacation. Even now, sometimes when he is upset, he reaches from his mother to me.
However. The other night, he took a spill and banged his face. This was followed by thirty seconds of silence as he filled his lungs with air. This, of course, was followed by the air being forcefully expelled into his mother’s shoulder. (I was downstairs.) When I came up to see the ruckus, we both ruefully chuckled about his fall until he pulled his face off her shoulder and the string of blood from his mouth down his face shocked us both. “Is he all right?” “Where’s the cut?” “What do we do?!?” He was all right, but that first sight of a baby’s blood is galvanizing. He turned out to have a small cut on the side of his mouth and with a bottle, he calmed right down (it was time for the bedtime bottle anyway). I know, though, that with that first hurdle of a bloody injury passed there are plenty more coming down the pike for us. And so, I spend a lot of time with him to prepare us both for that.
Overall, though, I agree with Magary’s points 2-8. Especially 8.


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