Blocks Project

The Boy likes knocking over blocks. He’s not stacking yet, but knocking down is a favorite. Supposedly, eventually, he’ll progress to the next level of stacking and building, so I am starting work on a project of building him something better than the little blocks he has now. The ones he has now are passable, but not as engaging as some others.

Fort Standard Blocks


Sure, they look super cool and vaguely distressed (and distressing). However, I am not about to pay $85 for 10 blocks. What I’ll do instead is take a mess of 2x1s and start cutting them into various shapes with the mitre saw. Then, I’ll get some appropriate paints and paint them for him. I am thinking about somehow incorporating images on them for a puzzle activity for him to figure out.

I’ll keep you posted.



  1. Paul Hanrahan

    Ask your son for suggestions, engage him in the act of making the blocks. Show him how its’s done, so he can start doing for himself at an early age.

    • Toubab

      Sadly, at this point, the boy is pre-verbal. And crawling. So he isn’t allowed in the wood shop. But he has his own soft-sculpture tools, so he can mimic me.

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