The Dadist Manifesto Manifesto

Karl Franz Jos. of Austria and son Franz (LOC)

Go ahead and try to find blogs or websites about being a new father. I’ll wait.

So, that took a while and you probably didn’t find much. I know I didn’t this past spring when my son was born and I (with some chiding from my wife) tried to learn about feeding schedules and nutrition and sleeping (please God!), and other basic aspects of being a parent. No, instead, I found lots of sites that sounded like they were for both parents (right, iVillage?), but were really for moms. So, here we will write specifically for the dads out there. We will share what we can about parenting in general, and we will also come up with ideas from a specifically masculine slant. Go grab a beer and let’s get started! If you have ideas, questions, or suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments.



  1. Paul Hanrahan

    Once every couple of months or so, when you’re hanging out and playing, put a recording device on for 15 minutes or so. Do it 6 times a year for 10 years or so. In 20 years you will be very thankful you did it.

    • Toubab

      We’ve started doing that, too, Uncle paul. I was commenting to my dad the other day that I probably have more photos of the boy now than my dad now has of me, or ever had of me!

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